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3 Step Ant Control
  •  Ants are another common problem for homeowners, renters, landlords and businesses. There are over a dozen different ant types including common grease ants and sugar ants that make their home in Southern California.
  •  However, there are a few types, such as fire ants, that represent more than just a pest problem, they’re dangerous to humans and pets and can leave painful bites and stings, sometimes fatal.
  •  For every ant you see, there are tens of thousands nearby that you don’t. And most home, do-it-yourself remedies only affect the ants you see or directly treat and, in the long term, are ineffective and costly. A Natural Science technician can easily trace the ants back to their source (nests), exterminate the population and help you control future infestations.
Why Natural Science Exterminating?
  •  Natural Science Exterminating is a family owned business that has been serving Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Riverside County for over 25 years.
  •  We are certified pest control insulation company using TAP insulation.
  •  We specialize in environmentally conscious exterminating methods that work.
  •  We consider tent fumigation as the last resort for a serious infestation of termites.
  •  We have our own carpenters to replace termite damage and dry rot.
  •  We offer pest control that includes bees, rats ,mice and other insects.
  •  We offer real estate inspections for escrow with billing to escrow.
  •  We are licensed and bonded for your protection. All work is guaranteed.
We are licensed and bonded for your protection. All work is guaranteed.
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